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At Brain Race, we specialize in crafting tailor-made outdoor escape games for fellow industry leaders like you.
We create engaging and educational outdoor games where players work towards a common goal using their collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. Through escape game puzzles and storytelling, we craft unique game experiences for both adults and kids.

Our games are based on the existing environment and are perfect for outdoor locations, museums, and team-building events. With our immersive games, players gain a new perspective in familiar settings.

We are an extension of your brand; together, we turn products and services into experiential adventures.
We transform any cityscape into an exhilarating adventure with immersive outdoor escape games tailored to your vision.
  • Quality

    We provide authentic brain-teasing fun with our innovative puzzles, custom-crafted to fit seamlessly into the existing environment of your chosen city.
  • Speed
    We ensure swift execution and minimal staffing requirements with our efficient process. When you provide us with initial photos and the necessary information, we deliver the game in just two weeks.
  • Software
    We facilitate effortless navigation with our custom-built software, offering automated support and real-time hints. Our software makes the game available anytime, providing flexibility and convenience for players.
We help elevate your entertainment portfolio with confidence, knowing that our decade-long expertise fuels every game we create.
Our Experiences
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Surf City, North Carolina
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Joliette, Quebec, Canada
Redmond, Washington
Key West, Florida
South Lake Tahoe, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Punta Gorda, Florida
Coming Soon
What Players Say
  • Jenny
    Amazing experience! Well organized! I had a great time! It's a mix of Amazing Race and an Escape game! You use your brain and your physical endurance and you discover the city! I recommend it to all and definitively I will come back! 😃🙌🏾😃
  • Michal Falenczyk
    It is really engaging and entertaining, especially if you compete with your friends. Some of tasks are simple, some more difficult, but if you get stuck the hints will always help you to go through. And there are moments when the plot makes you really believe that you are taking part in a real adventure, not just a game :).
  • Raphael Jungling
    Great group activities to discover the city while having fun! Intensely fun and playful.
  • Kim Levan
    Great experience! So much fun running around the city like crazies looking for hints. I highly recommend it :)

Webpage-based software
Automates the game flow with no app download required. Account creation is needed.
Game flow
No staff needed to guide teams along the game route. An effective system of hints handles the guidance.
The software does not track the geo-position of the players' phones. Puzzles' descriptions and links to Google Maps where necessary, eliminate the likelihood of getting lost.
Supports all types of media, including images and videos, for game content.
Adjustable hint timing allows for easy changes to game difficulty.
Mobile Data
All that is needed to play the game on a smart device is an active mobile data plan. Each team can play with just one phone.
Augmented Reality
As of 2024, we are thrilled to offer the creation of Augmented Reality (AR) puzzles for Outdoor Escape Games. Check out an example by scanning the QR code from the picture on your right-hand side.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that enhances your real-world environment with interactive digital content. Using your smart device's camera, AR overlays digital elements onto the live video feed captured by your camera. This creates an immersive experience where the real world is combined with virtual objects, making it appear as though the digital content is part of your actual surroundings.

Still hard to imagine? Just remember the Pokémon GO game! Yes, that's exactly the AR we're talking about—and even more.

For all onboarded Outdoor Escape Game partners (Operators), we are happy to offer the best price across North America for AR puzzle creation.

Example of the marketing campaign using AR
Your Plan
Our Prices for Operators
Operator runs the game
Sourced Development Service
  • Onboarding Fee: $6,000 for each game + monthly royalty
  • Development: Brain Race solely develops one game for Operator
  • Operation: Operator runs the game, handles sales & marketing
  • Software Access: Unlimited access to the software is included
of Operator's Net Revenue
Joint Development Service
  • Onboarding Fee: $3,000 for each game + monthly royalty
  • Development: Brain Race and Operator jointly develop one game
  • Operation: Operator runs the game, handles sales & marketing
  • Software Access: Unlimited access to the software is included
of Operator's Net Revenue
Operator Development Service
  • Onboarding Fee: $500 (one-time charge) + monthly royalty
  • Development: Operator solely develops any number of games
  • Operation: Operator runs the game and handles sales & marketing
  • Software Access: Unlimited access to the software is included
Per team played


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